Welcome to the New Gallawa Blog

Welcome! This is the new Gallawa blog coming at you from my personal desktop here at home. That’s right, I work from home. My purpose for this blog is to provide you with entertaining (and informative) posts that will hopefully keep your interest so deeply that you’ll just HAVE to return over and over!

In a sense, my computer keyboard is a bit like an “outlet” for the many things that interest me, and that I feel I just have to share. For example, I’m into investing – so topics on investments, precious metals and other money matters is something I’m likely to talk about here in these posts.

I’ll have some help with this, and you might notice some different writing styles as the articles get published. But, no matter what, I aim to get information out to you as quickly as possible. Hopefully sooner rather than later. Ok, time for me to get writing. Back soon.